Our focus is on the wishes and uniqueness of the client's requests to develop an exceptional, welcoming, functional and comfortable project that improves their experience, paying extra attention to every detail.

Verum Atelier

Established in 2013, VERUM.ATELIER is a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary architecture studio. 

The compatibility between a client’s vision and the studio’s search for a coherent and sustainable project turns the work process into a growing challenge. Through the everyday inspiration for a given space, our goal is to design the new, to refurnish the existing and to look beyond the limitations by turning them into opportunities.

Through the principles of proportion, spatial coherence, composition, materiality and light, our designs focus on creating minimalist and warm spaces.

The result is the creation of a timeless and unique architecture.

We are incessantly looking for new opportunities and are thrilled to work throughout the national territory and internationally. When contacting us, one of our project managers will talk to you to start your project.